to the Heart

of the South

Selfoss is the largest town in South Iceland, and the perfect gateway to the natural wonders of the south.

Great Hub
to Explore Iceland‘s
Most Popular Places

Selfoss is located in the heart of the Golden Circle and South Coast Routes, yet only forty minutes’ drive from Reykjavík.

Max 1 hour by car

Many of Iceland’s most amazing natural wonders and activities lie within a 1-hour drive of Selfoss.

Max 5 minutes on foot

Selfoss offers a range of essential services within easy walking distance, from shops, supermarkets and over 20 restaurants, to the swimming pool and much more.

Where Old Meets New

The brand new town centre is an innovative architectural experiment, offering over 10 restaurants and a range of artisan shops. A pioneering tribute to Icelandic history, with a very modern twist.

The Old Dairy

This three-floor reconstruction of the town’s former dairy is home to a bustling food hall, featuring the best of Icelandic Cuisine.

Foodie & Shopping Hotspot

Explore superb restaurants, charming cafes and niche retail brands in a unique setting.

Iconic Taste of Iceland

Skyrland immerses your senses in the world of skyr, Iceland’s unique superfood. A journey of sights, scents and tastes, you’ll discover a 1000-year story of how a Viking dairy product became a global modern health food.