Selfoss Centre

The first project of its kind, this development is based on re-creating over 50 historic buildings from around the country which were destroyed decades ago either by fire or demolition, to form a new cultural and commercial centre at the heart of the town. While the reconstructed buildings may speak of the past, they house modern facilities that have the long-term needs of locals and tourists firmly in mind. So behind these beautiful oldfacades lie contemporary restaurants, shops, cafes, bars, venues and apartments. The result is a pioneering tribute to Icelandic history, with a very modern twist.

The architecture

These reconstructions showcase what came to be seen as the classic Icelandic style ,including characteristic corrugated iron facades and chalet-style architecture. In fact, this‘ Icelandic’ style combines influences from Scandinavia with an addition from the United Kingdom. British ships would bring corrugated iron to Iceland to trade for sheep and it turned out to be the perfect building material for the climate. The chalet style was a Norwegian influence, which was itself inspired by country chalets in Switzerland, and known as Sveitserstil.

The first environmentally certified town centre in the world

A major part of the project’s focus has been to combine the look of the past with a forward-thinking approach to sustainability and environmental awareness. As such, every building has been certified by the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, while the whole project has been carried out in accordance with the BREEAM Communities international standard for sustainable design. This level of environmental certification throughout every aspect of the project means that it has claims to be a town centre development that is truly unique.

Selfoss centre


  • First phase built 2018-2021
  • Second phase 2024 – 2028

The second part of the project is now in construction where 40 new houses will host hotels, retail, restaurants and residentials.